Our grandson Dominic turned 2 yesterday, and so we decided it is time for a cool Power Wheels toy. It goes 2 miles per hour, even on grass he will love it, or so we thought.

I had my phone all ready to record the big event, only for it to be an epic failure. He loved the bright shiny car and the button you push to have Lil' Lightning McQueen talk to you in English or Spanish! But once we plopped him behind the wheel and he touched the blue button to make it go, he lurched forward and that was it. Out he came and would not get back in it.

I barely had time to hit record when he popped out  and decided that chasing the cat across the lawn was more fun. Now we have gone through this with the kids before where you buy something for them that you are more excited about than they are, they open it up and decide to play with the box it came in instead.

I am sure he will warm up to it eventually, If not this summer by next summer for sure. But at least he loved his chocolate birthday cake. When are we as adults ever going to learn that sometimes the most basic things in life are actually the best, and to stop wishing that I could fit into that little Power wheels car. :)