You certainly don't like it when you see one in your rearview mirror, but you gotta admit that marron color is one of a kind.

The Minnesota State Patrol is competing against every other state in the 'America’s Best-Looking Cruiser Contest' being organized by the American Association of State Troopers.

The public can't see the results after voting, but the Minnesota State Partol says in a Facebook post, "The good news? We’re beating Wisconsin. The bad news? We still aren’t in first place — not by a long shot."

They clearly need some votes, so give them a hand and let's help them jump up into first place. And next time they pull you over, lead foot, you can butter them up and tell them you slipped them a vote in the contest, maybe it will help.

If you want to vote and check out all the other state cruisers, visit this link. I gotta say, there are some cool looking cruisers and some odd ones. I like the Michigan State Police cruiser, that one led light on the top really is cool, and if you notice the Colorado cruiser has a grill mask on, can cars get COVID?

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