A Minnesota State Trooper 36 year old Albert Kuehne of Dayton has been charged with 2 counts of felony stalking for taking a woman's cell phone and sending himself private pictures of her to his phone. Kuehne had met the woman at a traffic accident Kuehne's first court appearance is set for July 15.

KARE11 reported "According to the criminal complaint which was issued by summons, Kuehne worked a single-vehicle accident at Interstate-94 and Cedar Avenue on March 25, 2020, where he encountered the woman. Kuehne detained the victim on suspicion of DWI, but she was ultimately was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released."

When she returned home her boyfriend was using her laptop when he noticed something strange. Her cell phone was linked to her laptop and he noticed that her phone was accessed and nude photos of her were texted from it to an unknown phone number. The victims boyfriend called the number and eventually Trooper Kuehne admitted to who he was.The female victim called a lawyer who reported the incident to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension  (BCA )

According to the report : Kuehne's camera on his squad car showed him having the victim walk back with him to his squad and then telling the woman to give him her phone. Phone records show when the photos were sent from the victims phone which is the time the trooper had her phone in his possession. It also appears he was in the car alone as the female was being taken care of by the paramedics. Using a search warrant investigators found three photos of the female victim on Trooper Kuehne's phone.

According to KARE11 The Minnesota State Patrol issued the following statement in response to Kuehne's charges:

The alleged conduct outlined in this complaint is reprehensible and inconsistent with the core values of the Minnesota State Patrol. We hold troopers to a high standard and will take appropriate action regarding this matter. In the meantime, he is on leave pending further investigation.

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