took the time to figure out the candy preference for each state for Halloween. Using ten years worth of data they came up with the top 3 most popular candy per state and some of the choices might surprise you.

I always find it so tempting to eat the candy leading up to Halloween so I have started waiting until the last minute to get some so I have not eaten it all already. Many of my friends have said that does not seem smart since you sometimes pay a higher price for it closer to the Holiday. But my point is, if I don't do that I may have to replace all the candy I set aside in the first place. The National Research Federation claims that people will spend around $2.7 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. Below is a  breakdown of the Midwest states preferences-

  • Minnesota: #1 Tootsie Pops #2 Skittles #3 Almond Joy
  • Wisconsin: #1 Starburst #2 Butterfingers #3 Jolly Ranchers
  • Iowa: #1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups #2 M&M's #3 Butterfinger
  • North Dakota: #1 Hot Tamales #2 Jolly Ranchers #3 Candy Corn
  • South Dakota: #1 Starburst #2 Jolly Ranchers #3 Candy Corn

I feel it is kind of hard to believe that people in Minnesota actually hand out Almond Joy for Trick Or Treating that seems like a candy bar with an aquired taste, but on the other hand North and South Dakota residents obviously think pretty much alike.

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