Our news partners at WDIO are reporting that the Duluth Police Department responded to a call from Bayview Elementary School regarding a candy bar that apparently had trim nails placed inside the candy.

The candy bar that led to the call was handed out at the Bayview Fall Fest, where kids were given candy that was donated. Police say they have no suspects due to the fact that candy for the event is donated by a number of different people.

The incident has prompted Duluth Police to remind the public to carefully check all candy children get from trick-or-treating and Halloween events to make sure it is safe and not tampered with.

Trick-Or-Treating Treat Safety Tips

While incidents of individuals looking to cause harm are rare, it is still important to be safe. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe:

  • Before heading out, be sure you and your kids have had something to eat. This will cut down on the desire to eat while you're trick-or-treating. If you want to have some candy while you're out, be sure to either bring some from home, or thoroughly check any piece in an area where you have good lighting so you can properly inspect it.
  • When checking candy, be sure to inspect every piece under bright light. If the packaging looks to be tampered with or something doesn't look or feel right, simply throw it away to be safe. If anything looks re-packaged or partially opened, even if it may have come from the store that way, it's best to just discard it.
  • While homemade cookies, popcorn balls, fruit, or other treats from family or friends may be safe, it is best to discard of homemade goodies from strangers.
  • If you notice anything abnormal about candy you've collected while trick-or-treating, notify the local police with information about the candy and what area (or areas) you visited.

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