I cannot think of anything that could draw me to the Mall of America faster than a whole entire store devoted to M&M's. I am obsessed. Not only do I love peanut M&M's (my favorite) but I love M&M merchandise too. I mean how could you not they are so cute.

Of course being in the biggest mall in the United States the store would have to be pretty impressive too. At 24,000 square feet on Level 1, East near the Rotunda this store stays true to it's roots with many Minnesota themed M&M products and elements that are unique to the Mall of America. According to a Press Release here are some other features:

  • An interactive experience called “M&M’S Sweet Moves,” where you can express yourself through color, sound and movement which you can then can then share digitally with friends and family.
  • “Peanut Peak,” a rooftop celebration of the local landscape giving you a birds eye view of Bloomington and the surrounding area.
  • Other M&M’S fan favorites, including the personalization station, signature M&M’S, “Wall of Chocolate” and exclusive in-store merchandise.

Plus something else that is really cool is you can take a 3-d tour of the store and even make purchases right from the comfort of your lap top, tablet, or phone click MMS.com and pick a store to tour.

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Jill Renslow, EVP of Business Development for Mall of America said:

Offering new adventures and attractions to our guests has always been a part of our DNA. M&M'S creative new experience opening at Mall of America is embracing Minnesota in an entirely unique way. Our millions of guests are certain to leave with a smile on their face.

This store at the Mall of America is one of only six in the entire world with another one opening later this year in Berlin. So if you happen to be near the Mall Of America it definitely would be worth it to stop in and check it out. Oh and my favorite M&M is the Yellow One. :)

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