We don’t pretend to know anything about what constitutes “high fashion” or “what’s hot and what’s not”. We do know that something like this should never be seen on a human torso.

It’s possible that somewhere out there in our universe exists a line of “pizza sweaters” since some shots of them recently popped up on the Internet.

It’s not known if these are actual products, or just a super-imposed image of a piping hot pizza on a printable sweatshirt, but it makes us wish the Italians never invented it. We’re talking about the food that is, not the sweatshirt or the pizza sweatshirt. Although for all we know, this could be the fault of the Italians.

And brace yourself for this sobering thought. The truly frightening part is that there are MORE THAN ONE type of pizza sweater. That means there is a slight possibility that somewhere out there, MORE THAN ONE person is wearing a pizza sweater! We’re betting that they don’t come in anything smaller than a triple extra large.

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