Some parents may not even be aware of the fact that THC laced candy even exists, but it does and is sometimes hard to distinguish from regular candy. Some people do make their own edible candy and cookies laced with THC , but recently the Johnstown  Pennsylvania's Police Department  seized packages of some drug-laced Nerds Rope during a search warrant. They were edibles containing about 400mg of THC per each rope.

There has always has been a threat of bad people putting objects in candy or some type of drugs but the way this candy is packaged makes it look like your average candy you would find on the shelf. It does have a warning label on the packaging (see above photo) saying keep away from children and pets, and also the amount of THC per piece of candy. But if you do not read the bag or the wrapper before ingesting it how would you even know, until your child became sick?

It takes a really disturbed person to tamper with candy in the first place, but then to purposely hand out candy to children laced with THC is just unreal. The good news is that this type of candy or edibles when bought at a legitimate place tend to be fairly expensive so that should deter someone from handing this out to kids. Also note that  THC candy is not available over the counter in Minnesota and Wisconsin as of now these candy edibles are only sold in states where recreational marijuana is legal.  As with anytime your kids go trick or treating it is important to explain to them about how they need to bring all their candy home for an adult to look over before they eat it. This trend may continue to grow as more states legalize these types of products so keeping the lines of communication open with your kids is vital,


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