The Holidays are upon us, and for many some big ticket electronics are waiting under the tree, but be careful how you dispose of the empty box.

I actually have thought about this very thing when we purchased a big flat screen T.V. a few years ago. I had this enormous box propped up against our recycling bin and I thought to myself, well all our neighbors are going to know that we just got a big screen T.V. Thankfully we live in a nice neighborhood, so I am not worried about my neighbors, but everyone knows no place is totally safe from crime.

The city of Orlando Florida is encouraging residents to dispose of big ticket item boxes at an actual recycling center to avoid this beacon to criminals, especially this time of year when people are traveling and homes are vulnerable.They are calling this Operation Burglar Box, and what a great idea this is.

So if you must toss that box yourself try to break it down as best you can, so you and your family will not become a target for someone waiting to ruin your holiday.