TikTok has a tendency to suck you into a time warp and before you know it, You just spent two hours on your phone. I recently came across a Minnesota series that may be my favorite one yet.

Earlier this year, we stumbled upon a Twin Ports TikTok page that you may have been missing out on. A group of 10 UW-Superior hockey players that call themselves The Hockey Guys, regularly post entertaining videos on the platform. They even managed to amass over 1 million followers.

But we're not talking about a Superior page here. We're talking about somebody having fun with edits and places in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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User Erin Rose, who goes by elgy-rose on TikTok has some pretty sweet edits. According to her bio, she is a goth model. Erin started a series that I cannot be more pumped for, called 'Places In Minnesota That Don't Feel Real'. Let's start with part 1:

Here you'll find: Lake Minnetonka, Duluth, The North Shore, and Como Park in Minneapolis. Clearly from watching it, Erin is having some fun with it. I highly doubt there are whales in Lake Minnetonka. Plus, Duluth is so much more than just skiing and the Northern Lights. I did have a good chuckle at the Como Park bit.

Let's see what is in store for part 2:

The places include: Saint Cloud, Lindstrom, Maple Grove, and Lake Chipotle. Even one user commented "Erin why are you doing us so wrong" with a crying emoji. I could not stop laughing at the clouded city that she claims is Saint Cloud. Also, love the 'Mean Girls' reference to Maple Grove.

Part 3, where are you at?

And the places are: Mankato State University, Moorhead, Rogers, and Downtown Minneapolis. Is Rodgers home of the "Fast And Furious" Franchise? Mankato State looks like something out of a fantasy movie or a horror movie. Also, are there mountains in Moorhead? Asking for a friend.

You better believe there is a part 4:

The places include: Minnehaha Falls, Edina, how your grandparents walked to school in Thief River Falls, Dayton's Bluffs, and Winona. Couldn't be more right about Edina. I totally forgot that all the winter scenes in 'Game of Thrones' were based on people walking to school in Thief River Falls back in the day. Winona Ryder for the city of Winona? Yes, please.

Dare I say part 5?

Places in this one are: Golden Valley, your dad's cousin's cabin on Fish Lake in Pine Lake, Saint Louis Park, Brooklyn Park, and Eden Prairie. The edit on Golden Valley is stunning. The dad's cousin's cabin had me rolling. Can we please talk about Eden Prairie actually being 'Little House On The Prairie', well done. The user on this one commented, "I'm from Minnesota I can confirm this".

Unfortunately, part 5 was the most recent one. I am so for this series and hope that it is continued. Looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what is next!

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