Add this haunted attraction to your list! Ringler's House On Haunted Hill & Haunted Trail is about to start back up just in time for the Halloween season.

The attraction is located just about an hour from Duluth and kicks off on Friday, October 9th. It will continue through October 31st. It will run every Friday and Saturday until the closing date.

This isn't just your everyday haunted attraction. According to the event's Facebook page, there are a bunch of different ways to be spooked all in one location.

The Haunted Trail portion of the scare has 27 different "scare sections" that you will walk through. There are also creepy buildings to walk through: one will be indoors and one outdoors.

It is just $12 bucks to attend the attraction and $5 dollars if you just want to check out the kid-friendly trail. Just ask for a ticket to the "Children of Haunted Hill" trail. Kids will also be given candy and the chance to "trick-or-treat" whether or not they want to walk the kid trail.

Plan ahead, as the haunt kicks off at 7 p.m. each night and will close up shop around 11 p.m. It is located at 3064 MN-23 in Brook Park. (You can get more information on this haunted attraction on their Facebook page here.)

There are also a bunch of other haunted attractions you can take part in in the Northland this month. There are the haunts like The Haunted Ridge and The Haunted Forest. There are also more family-friendly events, like Boo At The Zoo and Scarium At The Aquarium. You can check out a full list here. Happy Halloween!

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