The Huffington Post just released an article about 12 Midwestern Spots that are awesome in the Summer, and  three are in the Northland Area! Hurrah!

These are not in any specific order:

1.) Duluth MN:

It makes me wonder If Mayor Ness or somebody is keeping track of all the accolades Duluth has been getting lately? For all of us that live here we know how awesome the summers can be, even if the temperatures are not ideal, we have to wait a long time for it to come.

2.) Grand Marais MN:

So much to see and so much to explore, we all know what a gem this place is.

3.) Bayfield Wisconsin:

Not quite the Northland, but close enough. A lucky few got an up close view of the sea caves this winter when they froze over, now get your kayak or canoe to check them out.

For the Complete List Click Here

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