I have been in a canoe maybe 3 times in my entire life and all three times we were close to capsizing so I am not much of a fan, I will stick to regular boats that are not so tippy. But, I must admit all 3 times were operator error, and if used properly canoes are a fantastic way to explore lakes and rivers.

A trio of canoe riders are counting their lucky stars today after they survived when their canoe capsized and sunk on Lake Marquette shortly after 3pm this past Friday. The lake is about 1 mile southwest of Bemidji. Thankfully all three made it to shore safely in part due to the fact that they were all wearing life jackets or personal floatation devices (PFD).

The Beltrami County Sheriff's office said in a statement :

This scenario ended well, some unfortunately don’t. Cold water can kill. While it's extremely enticing to canoeist(s), kayakers and other boaters to get back out on the lakes with the weather warming up, many may need to get their sea legs again.

Even though all three made it to shore safely they were still taken to the Sanford Emergency Department to be treated for hypothermia. With that being said most people do understand that not to long ago their was ice on these lakes and the water temperature right now is still very cold.

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The Sheriffs department reiterated the fact that their may be objects floating or partially submerged in the water that were not there before the ice formed on the lake. Also logs and large tree limbs, can be moved by the ice as it goes out causing these obstructions to shift and are partially or wholly submerged making it very dangerous when a boat comes in contact with them. Bottom line is anytime you are on the water no matter the season please wear a life jacket.

For more information on boater safety rules and regulations from the DNR click here! 

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