A video recorded by a Twin Ports resident shows a woman screaming in panic as she runs across Duluth's aerial lift bridge.

In the video (below) shows a woman who can be seen running across the aerial lift bridge in Duluth at night, shrieking in panic as a warning bell announces that it will be lifting soon for a boat.

"Don't do it!" she can be heard screaming shrilly. "Don't f******* lift it, I'm on the f****** bridge!" As an additional alarm begins ringing, her shrieks rise in volume and panic.

"Oh my god, don't lift it, don't lift it, don't lift it!"

Then, out of nowhere, a male voice over the PA system calmly says, "No need to run, ma'am."

The video, which is less than 30 seconds long, ends as the woman reaches the opposite end of the bridge.

Warning: video contains language

Many on Reddit have found the humor in the situation.

"Should I tell her she can walk?" jokes one, imagining the conversation in the lift bridge booth. "Let her run till she gets a little closer, i dont want to be late." "What if she trips and falls?" "Yeah, that too."

"Yeah my uncle used to work that booth," adds another. "He’s got some really good stories."

"That guy has cameras that can see just about every angle of that bridge," jokes a third. "Guarantee he was in the booth laughing.'"

"This is my hometown!" says another. "This is so funny to me because I’ve been caught in the middle of the sidewalk while the bridge was supposed to raise and at first it’s always nerve racking but of course they’re not gonna lift it till you’re off."

Some, however, can understand the woman's fear, citing the June 10, 1990 situation where a woman was gruesomely cut in half on the bridge.

If you ever find yourself on the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, however, and the alarm begins ringing, don't fret -- a "Bridge Tender" sits in a control box and waits until everyone has left the bridge before manually raising the bridge.

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