Hello DIY peeps, well happy to report that something I tried to do around our house actually turned out pretty well, and it is done! (please hold back the applause) :)

It is no secret that it has become a running joke around the station when I attempt any kind of project around our house. I usually need someone to come fix what I did, or I move on to something else, usually something more fun. Like not painting one of our hallways.

Our son's room is down in the basement which is partially finished, and the carpet he had in there was ruined by the flood, We had to cut out the wet stuff and pieced some temporary carpet down. It was not the best solution but thankfully boys are not very picky.

Since his room is so small and most of the furniture would have to be taken apart to move out of the room we decided to use carpet tiles so it would be fast and we could shift the furniture from one side to the next. It was awesome, super easy to install, we got the self adhesive stuff, and despite my inability to do math...the home improvement store made sure we bought enough for the entire room.

It can get expensive, especially the self adhesive stuff, but If you have a smaller space it is a super quick transformation. Now we have our fingers crossed that the cat wont barf up any fur balls on it. Yummy!