Black Friday has been traditionally when big retailers like Target or Best Buy get attention for insane crowds and amazing sales and often lost in the craziness of all that is the small, local store owned and operated by people right here in the Twin Ports, that's why a new trend is starting to get a lot of attention, Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting them during the Christmas shopping season, and that's just what my family did.

My fiance had the great idea of taking our 11-month old daughter Rose to the Pottery Burn in the Hermantown Square to make a custom made reindeer plate with her tiny little feet, and as you can see above it turned out cute and it was VERY simple to do, even for someone with little artistic abilities like Mindy, sorry honey.

I love businesses like this, small, friendly and focused on customer satisfaction, we had a great time making the plates, or at least she did, as I spent most of the time making sure our new little walker didn't break all the pottery in the store. I can't wait to see the finished products as the plates needed to be glazed and put in the kiln this week before they are ready for use or gifting.

This isn't as much an endorsement of the Pottery Burn, even though we had a great time, but an endorsement of making the effort to support Twin Port's businesses when you can this holiday season.



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