St. Luke's recently completed their $1.8 million renovation to their birthing center.  The main focus was to provide mothers with a suite that helped them feel as comfortable as possible during the birthing process.  The new suites all have private bathrooms and offer amenities that are similar to home, while still providing all the safety features needed to take care of mom and baby.

All the rooms are unique with a different layout, but all offer things like refrigerators, microwaves, and similar features.

Lori Swanson, Manager of Maternal Child Health at St. Luke's, explains to us in the video above the changes that have been made in this exciting new renovation.  If you would like a tour, you can call the staff and they would love to show it to you. 218-249-5605

To celebrate the new birthing center, we are holding the St. Luke's Baby League competition.  Each week you can guess which gender is going to win.  Will it be more boys or more girls born each week?  If you guess correctly, you can win gift certificates to Once Upon A Child.  Be sure to play each week!


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