A French tourist on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco got quite the surprise, when a seagull flew by and grabbed her camera as she was filming!

Fortunately she found her camera on the boardwalk and then proceeded to upload the video onto YouTube. Living in the Northland we are all too familiar with these pesky birds, especially down in Canal Park or a restaurant parking lot.

As visitors flock to the area every summer, it never fails that you will see them tossing popcorn or some type of food to a rabid flock of these birds, as they giggle and hoot with delight. Um, not funny, stop feeding them!

My favorite seagull memory to date, was when I was down in Canal Park and I saw a little boy sitting on the rocks eating a cheeseburger. I remember saying to myself," Oh boy that thing is gonna get nabbed," and sure enough....swoop, grab and off .. a seagull made off with the whole thing!

The poor little boy proceeded to start bawling as his mother ran over to him, oblivious of what just happened. This video is pretty amazing though, for a few brief seconds you literally get a birds eye view of flying right above the Pacific Ocean!