I recently found an article on the internet from Thrillist.com where a travel writer visited Eveleth, Minnesota. Being from the Iron Range myself, I had to read the article to see if she got what the range is all about. Outsiders sometimes misrepresent the Iron Range and Northern Minnesota. So I was curious to see what Vanita Salisbury's take would be on Eveleth which she titled "Hockey Rules All in This Tiny Midwest Town."

Well, so far she's one for one with just even the title. Anyone who has been to Eveleth doesn't have to look past Highway 53 to see how big of a deal hockey is. We've got the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame right there next to the curling club. The Rink is right on the side of the road which is obviously hockey themed.

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But, I got to hand it to her, she did her homework. She knows that the reason we have the U.S. Hall of Fame is because we have had so many NHL Hall of Fame players come from the Iron Range. She visited with locals and discovered the story of the World's Largest Free Standing Hockey Stick, which she has a little bit of fun with. That's ok, when it first went up when I was a kid, we all kinda knew it was a novelty thing.

She got her facts right, which a lot of national writers don't give the attention to. I remember reading reviews of "North Country" starring Charlize Theron. Critics talked about the coal mining industry on the Iron Range. Seriously. COAL MINING ON IRON RANGE. Insert facepalm emoji here.

What else could we have shown her in Eveleth? How about a Snicker's Pizza? That would have been a nice treat for her. Maybe we could have had her sample some of the sausages at the Eveleth IGA? Or heaven help her, we bring her back for the Eveleth 4th of July. Nobody is the same after experiencing that. I wonder what that title would be?

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