Behold the power of the leaf blower, yes it may seem like the ultimate solution to those annoying leaves, but buyer beware much power can you handle?

My journey with the leaf blower began last week as I headed out to the backyard ready to conquer the millions of leaves that fell, all from my neighbors tree. I learned a few things very quickly:

1.) Most of the leaves do not blow where you want them to. 2.) The mulch bag should be hung over your shoulder so you don't trip over it constantly. 3.) If the extension cord you are using is buried under leaves and you pull it will unplug. 4.) Wet leaves are heavy and do not blow properly. 5.) Do not wait until it is 30 degrees outside to begin your yard clean up!

I hope all of these little tips will help you prepare for your yard clean up this Spring or next Fall, take it from someone who found out first hand. :(



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