The driver of a semi truck that crashed on I-35 in Roseville is lucky to be alive after some quick thinking by a local car salesman.

58 year old Deno Yannarelli was in the right place at the right time when he saw Alfie Foster running engulfed in flames as the cab of his semi was pouring out smoke and flames. A video released by the Minnesota State Patrol shows Foster running from his truck as Yannarelli jumps the fence of the car dealership and help extinguish the flames on Fosters body. He then placed cold water on his burns and waited with him until paramedics arrived.

Thankfully Foster had crashed near a car dealership where this time of year many of the sales people are outside monitoring the parking lot, so Yannarelli was able to get to him so quickly. When you hear a story like this it sure makes me think what I would do in this situation?  Hopefully a majority of us would say we would not hesitate to help.