Elliot Tanner is not your ordinary ten year old boy, he is currently finishing up his Sophomore year at Normandale Community College where he has a 4.0 GPA. Every once in a while you hear about these child prodigy's and for Elliot his love is Math. Just saying the word makes my heart race, I have a huge phobia about it because I was always awful at it in school, but for Elliot not only is he good at it, he is fascinated by it.

Elliot attend College full time but he also tutors students at a Bloomington High School in math. I would never be put off by a super smart kid teaching me math, I would think it is awesome and would probably learn more than from a teacher.

Elliots Mom takes him to school every day and sits outside the classroom on her computer. By the look of things his parents are giving him the most normal life they can. He does have time to act like a kid and hang with his friends which is what it is all about, a little balance in the adult and kid world. For more about this awesome guy Click Here.

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