College of St. Scholastica student Jake B was ice fishing on lake Superior in about 40 feet of water when he was able to capture the magnificent video below. The ice is so clear you can see a huge school of fish right below him. Now to the average person this might freak you out to see the water below, but he does not seem to phased by it.

I have only gone ice fishing once in my whole life and it was in Ely with a good friend of mine, conditions outside the fishing shack were grim. Cold blowing and drifting snow, but we were all warm and cozy inside, that is until I had to go to the bathroom. Thankfully his mom and dad lived close to the lake we were on so off in the truck we went and never went back.

The best part of the video is all the comments from people trying to figure out what kind of fish these are? My favorite is all the people saying they look like baby sharks, which from this angle they actually do. So far this video has gotten over 500,000 views!

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