Twin Ports Spay/Neuter was the first spay/neuter clinic in the state of Minnesota to offer services to privately owned animals, and has provided this service for the Northland for the past 13 years.

When I got my first dog as an adult, I went to Twin Ports Spay/Neuter, to get the procedure done for my girl Jazzy. They were nice, and welcoming and the service was provided without any issues.

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Their mission is to:

 Provide affordable access to spay/neuter services for cats and dogs in order to prevent unwanted litters, animal suffering, and overpopulation.

Unfortunately, the business announced on its Facebook Page that will be closing its doors. They stated that the building in which their business is located in was sold in the summer of 2021. The new building manager notified them at the end of October that they have decided to lease their space to another business.

Twin Ports Spay/Neuter is attempting to complete all of its scheduled appointments before its vacancy date of January 1st, 2023. The building is located at  2002 West Superior Street suite # 8 in the Lincoln Park area. 

They are also looking for a new location, but have not found a place that is the size they require or can afford. There is also a GoFundMe set up to help with the relocation efforts. They have currently raised over $5,000 out of their $350,000 goal.

You can check out their Facebook post below:

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