Megan Huber is originally from the Twin Cities, but she and her family would often visit the Park Rapids area on vacation. Her husband Wyatt McDill also originally from the Twin Cities is the writer and director of the film and after 6 months of scouting locations they decided on Park Rapids.

According to  the premise of the movie is a man alone in the woods finds a woman who was kidnapped in an abandon car. McDill had said that he did not have a particular place in mind to film the movie, but with woods and lakes a big part of the story Minnesota seemed like a natural choice .

The duo have made a few other independent films together the last one they made was filmed in Rosemount. The crew is from the Twin Cities and the actors are all from the Los Angeles area. The Movie is titled "3 Day Weekend" It is a thriller with no dialogue as told from 4 persons point of view.

They filmed for 17 days and plan to edit the film at a studio in Minneapolis then when it is completed they will shop it around at Independent film festivals.

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