So when MoviePass announced their new pricing model last month, $9.95 a month for unlimited movies, I decided to try the service.

After almost a month of waiting for the card, I finally got the card and tried it for the first time to go see the movie 'IT'.

Using the card was very easy, download the app and be within 100 ft. of the movie theatre, the first time you use it you'll be prompted to activate your card, then you simply select the movie you want to see and the funds are added to the card and you buy the ticket, easy as that!

When I say unlimited movies, I mean you can see one movie per day, but as far as I can tell there are no limits as to how many times you can see the same movie, I'll have to test this out to be 100% sure though.

Regarding the movie, 'IT' was amazing! It was funny, it was terrifying, I really enjoyed it. I didn't have any "jump out of my seat" moments, but it was disturbing and creepy at times and Pennywise is nightmare inducing.

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