According to the opening night of "Valleyscare" at Valleyfair turned into a real life nightmare as the entire park forced an evacuation due to a large fight on the park grounds.

The Shakopee Police Department has said that a number of individuals were running through the park making it difficult to control the situation, along with a number of fights breaking out throughout the park as well. That is when the police department made the decision to evacuate the park.

Adding to the chaos of the scene one report indicated that a knife was used in one of the altercations but after further investigation from the police department they found no evidence that a weapon was used. Three people were cited for minor offenses.

For many people in the park this was a very scary situation and many parents were in a panic trying to locate their kids who were forced out of the park. Officers at Valleyfair helped usher everyone out safely and there are no reports of injuries.

What a sad situation for a certain group of people to cause so many problems that a fun night out was ruined for so many.    

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