The labor shortage has been tough this summer. Anyone who has gone out to a restaurant knows this as sometimes they have been closed on random days. Employers are having a terrible time trying to find workers. They've been offering good wages too in some cases, but help is still hard to find in 2021. Vista Fleet has been open throughout the summer 7 days a week, but now as they transition into the fall season they are scaling back their operations.

They made the decision to close on Mondays and Tuesdays to give their staff a break as they go into the fall season. They announced the decision on Monday, August 30 on their Facebook page.

There will still be cruises on other days during the week which you can book online. They have a variety of cruises to pick from. The most affordable and shorter cruise is the Lake Superior Express tour which brings you out on the lake if weather permits. It's $20 for a 45 minute cruise.  The Duluth Waterfront Cruise is available for $24. It's a 75 minute tour of downtown. The Vista Fleet also offers a Grand Sightseeing tour that is an hour and 45 minute long trip that is the most in depth narrated tour they offer. If you're hungry they also have a 75 minute pizza sightseeing cruise too.

You can also enjoy refreshments and a cash bar on the cruise too.

Fall is a popular time for guests on the Vista as the fall colors show up on the North Shore. Be sure to act quick this year as they don't expect fall colors to last very long due to the long summer drought we've experienced. You can book ahead of time online and save money with Vista Fleet.

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