If you live in a snowy climate like we do here in the Northland, you can certainly relate to this guy's frustration. A video was shared on twitter of a guy getting upset about another driver's inability to clear off their snow. Here's a look at the video.

Haha! Comments were gold calling this guy a hero. Sure, he's passive agressive, but he gets the point across. I don't know if it's illegal in Canada, but here in Minnesota you cannot drive with snow on top of your vehicle. It would appear to be common sense that you can't drive with your rear view window obstructed. This just looks like the classic case of someone being lazy and putting others in danger.

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A lot of people have commented calling this guy a hero. Many people have said they have wanted to do the same thing, but lacked the courage. This guy was obviously having a bad day, but fortunately he didn't do anything too jarring. Hopefully the person got the message and will clean off their car next time it snows.

There's a lot of times where flying chunks of snow or ice have actually caused serious crashes and incidents. Snow flying off of cars can also create slick areas on roadways when plows may not be out following a storm.

Just do the right thing and clear off your car and keep other drivers safe on the road. Be a good neighbor, eh?

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