This summer absolutely flew by! While we still have another good month full of summer weather, as we head into August, we are close to it wrapping up and heading into fall.

After the brutal heat we've seen so much this summer, I am sure many of us are looking forward to fall and calmer weather! Anything is possible in the Twin Ports though, including heat waves into the fall and snow at any given minute.

With this being said, it's always good to turn to meteorologists and see what is in the forecast for the months ahead. This time, we are turning to meteorologists at The Weather Channel, who have released an outlook for late summer and fall.

Their outlook includes the month of August, September, October and November. Like I said, anything is possible at all times when it comes to weather in the Twin Ports. Plus, it has been quite a year in terms of the weather, which only adds to the unpredictability.

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According to Weather Channel meteorologists, August should be a bit calmer than what we have seen in terms of temperatures in the Twin Ports. For most of Minnesota and all of Wisconsin, including the Twin Ports, we are looking at near-average temperatures, with things shifting slightly in the favor of above-average temperatures for the Twin Ports.

This is a bit of a relief, as we have seen several periods of prolonged hot temperatures. In fact, it was so warm at the start of and during the month of June that we broke records. The heat continued into July too, with the fourth being one of the warmest on record.

As for what we can expect in September, October and November, we are looking at temperatures slightly skewing near above-average. This includes all of Minnesota and all of Wisconsin.

As for why things seem to be shifting the way of the warm for fall, the Weather Channel says it can be attributed to "the expectation of a La Niña comeback." According to their report, it is likely to return by fall and winter.

In case you didn't know, we saw La Niña conditions in late 2020 and into early 2021. It started to wane in mid-April, when the National Weather Service reported we would see a normal May.

We definitely saw the impact of La Niña in the Twin Ports. Remember February when we saw a very long cold snap? From start to finish, it lasted about three-hundred hours. That means we went about three-hundred hours with some type of wind chill advisory in effect. Yup, that was cold!

Shortly after, cold temperatures turned to a very gloomy April. Near the end of the month, about three-quarters of the month saw some type of precipitation for Duluth. Of course, that is a far cry from what we are experiencing right now in the Twin Ports.

A recent update on drought conditions shows that all of Minnesota and a good portion of Wisconsin is experiencing some type of drought. We definitely need rain but unfortunately, even if we see some pretty rainy days in the future, it will take a lot of rain to get us where we need to be.

With all of this being said, I think we are all ready for normal and near-average temperatures, a little rain and more mild conditions into the second half of 2021.

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