Terrific news from the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Division regarding improvements to the West Duluth Sports Complex.

The City announced that construction at West Duluth Sports Complex will begin on Monday, June 22. This project will provide improvements to the West Duluth Sports Corridor, including the east athletic fields behind Wade Stadium and the Wheeler Athletic Complex.

While some may question moving forward on such a project when Duluth is struggling through a budget shortfall, they are able to proceed with these enhancements this year because the funding comes from a federal outdoor recreation grant and ½ and ½ Tourism Tax Funds, as part of the larger St. Louis River Corridor Initiative.

According to their press release:

Construction includes accessible pathways throughout the facility, a family-assist restroom, bocce ball court improvements, playing surface upgrades, an accessible water fountain, and burying existing power lines. New amenities include sand volleyball courts, standardized competition dugouts, and basketball/tennis/pickleball courts.


This project is expected to run from June 22 through the end of August, so if you live near the area you can expect to see workers there during that time frame, along with increased noise and the staging of construction materials.

The work hours will be between 7:30 a.m. - 6: 30 p.m. and the park will remain open during construction, except fenced construction areas that may include one or more of the fields.

Having grown up in Duluth, I've spent many years there playing softball at Wheeler Fields and I think this is a terrific project in an area that should be improved and not ignored.  It's great for softball, but is an even better family gathering area.

Adding volleyball courts could ultimately generate revenue for Duluth if they get organized leagues in place in the future.

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