It's very interesting to see what kind of changes can happen over time. I grew up in West Duluth and recently found a video of a drive on Grand Avenue over 30 years ago. Let's compare the differences shall we?

Even crazier, the route the driver took is exactly between my current house and the house I grew up in. You can tell how old the video is by the quality of image.  Right off the bat, there is no longer a motel in front of the now bigger Denfeld High School, it is now a a parking lot for the school. Next you see a big brick building which is near the current Denfeld mini mall. There's also a Mobil Gas Station, which I didn't know there was one in that part of town.

Then there are some minor changes where O'Reilly's and U.S. Bank is, however the biggest change is there used to be a train bridge in West Duluth that is clearly no longer there. Also, there's a road that no longer exists and is now an extra parking lot for Memorial Park. Now we move on to Central Avenue.

Most of the buildings are still there, but some have changed ownership. The street lamps are a great old school look too. It's kind of crazy how much Grand Ave. has changed, but Central Ave. still looks kind of the same, just in a different era. The video then leads to the Arrowhead bridge which no longer exists.

The Arrowhead bridge was the bridge to use to get to Superior from West Duluth until it was rebuilt and named the Bong Bridge. Check out the video and let me know how many changes you see in the comments below.

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