The Superior Police Department felt the need to clarify what citizens are required by law to do if they are being pulled over by law enforcement. There has been some rumors going around Facebook about a fake cop pulling over a driver, and that has raised some issues on what the law is, and how to protect yourself.

First off, you should pull over. It's against the law to hesitate or resist pulling over by law enforcement. Also, in the case of unmarked squads, they will have blue and red flashing lights, and they are the only vehicles permitted to have blue and red lights.

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Second, pull over when law enforcement turns on their lights. They wait to initiate the traffic stop when it's safe for both vehicles. If you don't pull over immediately you may be putting the officer in danger.

They did address what you should do if you suspect the vehicle pulling you over is not an actual police officer. First, put on your four way flashers and maintain the speed limit. Secondly call 911 dispatch and give them your location and your concern, thirdly once it is confirmed that it is a valid law enforcement officer immediately pull over. In any case, the dispatcher will advise you on what to do.

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