When I went to the Miller Hill Mall this past weekend for some shopping, I noticing something missing in the food court. The Subway right next to the entrance was closed.

Subway has been in the food court since 1985, and has been a staple. There is no word on why the popular sandwich chain closed up shop, but it will be missed. The location has been boarded up and the Subway sign has been taken down.

One would wonder if a new place will be taking over. The chilly Billy's location opened up last week in the food court, could another new place be coming too? Even though I'm sad to see it go, here are some places I wouldn't mind having in the food court:

The crazy thing is Subway is still listed as open on the Mall's website, but so is Charley's which is now Yu & J's. Let me know in the comments which place you'd like to see go in the food court and let me know your thoughts on one of the original food court member closing down.

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