I went to the Miller Hill Mall yesterday and when I got to the food court, Charley's lights were shut off and no one was there. Anyone know what's going on?

Tim Vallie
Tim Vallie

Same thing with Mandarin Express too. All the lights were off, no food was out and no employees. I even called the phone line and no one answered. Anyone have any idea what's is going on with either place? It would suck to lose two food places in the food court, unless they bring back an arcade like Aladdin's Palace. Then I'd be okay with at least losing one.

Maybe the closes are temporarily or maybe the mall is making room for Chilly Billy's? Let me know in the comments if you have any clue at what is happening.


According to an email from Chris Duffy who works with the Miller Hill Mall:

Charley's was having a supplier issue and should be open if not today, within the next few days. Mandarin Express on the other hand is officially closed and a couple of different parties are interested in moving into the space.

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