Every couple of weeks, a friend reaches out to me and asks me: What is there to do in Duluth?  What should we do in Duluth? I asked you all for ideas, and got a great response.Since I am so new here about the only response I had was The Lakewalk.

Thanks to your help I now have a great list of things for here in Duluth or Superior.  To keep it short I narrowed it down to 10 things although I had many more recommendations from all of you.



  • Anchor Bar

    'have a burger at the anchor bar, but that is over in superior. But if you havent done it you have too!!'

    -Dawn C

    I have heard about this place many many times.  I definitely need to go grab myself a burger there if so many people keep telling me about it.

  • Enger Tower

    I often see pictures of the tower.  I haven't hiked up there yet.  Is it just because the wonderful view, or is there something else you do up there?

  • Lake Walk

    This was my only thought that came to mind when I was asked.
    I had a girl take me down there and despite being a bit chilly, it was really nice.  There weren't a whole lot of hills so if you're worried about huffing and puffing, you should be OK.


  • Movies In The Park

    I didn't know about this until someone mentioned it.  Leif Erikson park does movies each Friday.  You can head on down and enjoy a movie on the shore with the lift bridge as a part of the background.

  • Boat Watching

    Typically I enjoy people-watching more than boat watching but it was really interesting to see a larger boat go under the lift bridge when I was down there.

  • Mountain Biking

    I didn't realize this before I got here but Duluth is a big mountain biking town.  There are trails scattered all over including Spirit Mountain.

  • Vista Fleet

    If watching the boats isn't enough for you, you can actually take a ride on the Vista Fleet.  I had fun on our Summer Kick-Off cruise, and would definitely enjoy taking another trip onto Lake Superior with the Vista Fleet.

  • William A Irvin

    I haven't managed to take a tour on this behemoth yet.  I heard it's a great tour, but what's even more fun is in October they do a haunted tour, haunted house kind of thing with it.  I moved to town at the end of October and really wanted to check it out but unpacking came first.  It's on my list of things to do this coming Halloween though.

  • Grandma's Marathon

    I agree that this was a great idea for things to do in Duluth.  It only happens once a year but there are other great races/events similar to it throughout the year.  However, it is very unique to be sitting there cheering on these runners that come from all over the US and the world.

    I had fun this last years and even was in the entertainment tent later that night introducing some great bands.

  • Ride The Railroad

    If you have any little ones in your life that enjoy trains, this would be great for a family trip.  Several trains each day depart the Duluth Depot and travel through the heart of Duluth and up north.  Some of the tours have narrative guides that explain the history as well.

    I haven't taken a ride yet, but I'm going ahead and adding it to my list of things to do this Summer.