For her bridal shower, my wife received a gift certificate from a beyond generous friend, for a helicopter tour in the Duluth area.  This is one of those things that I have always wanted to do, but never got around to it.

We're a pretty busy couple so finding the time to go wasn't the easiest, but we didn't want to go too late in the season and miss the remaining fall colors.  It worked out for us to go on a day that was partly sunny though there was dense fog along the shoreline.  With the option to reschedule for better shore views, we decided to just go because the ride experience alone was something we were looking forward to.

Joe and Penny Danger on a helicopter ride- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Joe and Penny Danger on a helicopter ride- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Our graciously gifted package included the first class experience, so that meant champagne and chocolates.  Also booked was what they call the "Adrenaline Package", which is where they take the doors off of the chopper for more of a thrill.  When we talked after, we decided that when we go again we will also go with the doors off.  It just seems like it's more fun that way, especially when the temps are nice enough.  The only downside to having the doors off is they then won't let you drink the champagne in the chopper.  No problem though, we downed a bottle in fifteen minutes while they were prepping the bird, which is also how we do Thanksgiving.

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The aerial tour lasted about fifteen minutes which seems to go by really fast, it for sure provided good views of the leaves and various scenery though.  Our pilot John, was very friendly, chatty, and made the ride all the more better with some fun banter.  The whole staff was friendly and helpful too.  If you've lived in the Duluth area your whole life and haven't seen any of it from a helicopter, I'd suggest you give it a try.  Or if you're scared of heights, it would be a great gift for someone in your life that isn't.  Our tour was with Lake Superior Helicopters, and you can get more information on all of their available packages HERE.

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