put out their list of 'Best States In America', how far did Minnesota get on the list?

The rankings are put together by taking into account things like: health care, education, crime and corrections, infrastructure, opportunity and economy. After compiling all the data, it has been determined that Minnesota is the 3rd best state in the country!

Although Minnesota doesn't rank 1st overall in any of those categories, they rank in the top 50% in all of them. Highlighted by being the 3rd best state for health care and the second best state for opportunity.

Neighboring states Wisconsin and North Dakota are both ranked in the top 20 overall. Wisconsin slides in at number 16 with the 5th ranked government being the highlight. North Dakota cracks the top 5 and was ranked the 4th best state in the US, with the 2nd ranked state for economy and high marks in infrastructure, opportunity and government.

Massachusetts claims the crown as the best state overall. You can check out the full list below:

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