An argument has came up recently on the internet as a hypothetical question as to which combination of animal would you pick to protect you.

I saw this recently on Twitter and I've seen the question on Reddit with over 8,000 comments responding to the this question. If you had to pick two of these nine options to defend you as the other seven are coming at you, which two options would you take as protection? Some side stipulations I've seen are that you get to pick your terrain and that the hunter has unlimited ammo.

Personally I think I would go with the one hunter and either the four lions or the 10,000 rats. I mean it's 10,000 rats, that's something you for sure want on your side and not coming at you. Really my only worry with this strategy is the Eagles. Having these birds dive bombing you could become problematic real quick.

So the question is, what combo would you go with?

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