Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation came to the rescue of an injured young fawn, thanks to the kindness of a local woman who found her.

Dawn was out in her yard when she heard a crying sound in the distance, at first she thought it was a child, but when she looked into it further she saw a tiny fawn who's leg was wedged between two trees. Dawn brought the injured fawn to Wildwoods to get help.

The team at Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation took in the baby fawn where they found she had a severely sprained leg, after some delicate care the fawn did start walking again, but her injured leg was buckled so they had to put on a splint.

The fawn did well and was able to walk with the splint with a slight limp (see video below). This beautiful little animal was able to recover fully and was eventually released back in to the wild with some other rescued fawns. Thank you to all the caring staff and volunteers at Wildwoods for all that you do. :)