When C.J. Ham, fullback for the Minnesota Vikings, signed his 4-year deal, the contract called for a raise in his 3rd and 4th year, putting him in a new bracket of players.

Zone Coverage says Ham will be the second highest paid fullback behind San Francisco's Kyle Juszczyk. Obviously, with a new GM and coach, they will scrutinize all the players and work out budgets. Can they afford C.J. Ham? Will they even use him? The Rams don't have a fullback, and this team is being modeled after them.

Ham is due $3,450,000 this year, according to Zone Coverage, which makes him the Minnesota Vikings' 13th highest paid player in 2022. The 29-year-old from Duluth Denfeld has enjoyed a great career with the Vikings even though he was a walk-on. He is well respected in the NFL, but that might not afford him a roster spot past this year.

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The Vikings will hold their first full-squad preseason practice Wednesday. Everything will be different, the defense, the offense. C.J. Ham is a good running back, and a great blocker. Do they keep him in the fullback position or move him around and make him a slot player or a tight end? Those could be some possibilities.

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According to another Zone Coverage article, Ham has put up great run, block, and catch numbers. Only one TE on the Vikings roster caught more passes than Ham. Ask Dalvin Cook if they should get rid of C.J. Ham? He says Ham is the best blocker in the league and attributes his success to the job Ham does.

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So, if Cook is one of the best in the league, the new coach and GM might want to keep him right where he is so he can block for Dalvin Cook and design more plays for Ham to be a part of the offense. Odds are Ham will be with the team this year, but we will see how he fits in the new offense that is coming.

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