Will Ferrell's movies are usually hit or miss for me, but now hearing that the film not only has Minnesota ties, but Duluth ties too? I'm definitely a lot more interested.

Ferrell's latest venture is about a group of men from Minnesota who very well could have been the first to explore the North Pole (no, this is not a sequel to 'Elf'). The film is based on an article from the New York Times titled 'An Insurance Salesman And A Doctor Walk Into A Bar, And End Up At The North Pole' written by Guy Lawson.

According to the article, the journey all started at pub called Pickwick (does that name sound familiar?) right here in Duluth back in 1966. The group consisted of an insurance salesman, a doctor, a mechanic, an engineer, and a young Canadian athlete. The group even got sponsors for whiskey, designer watches, and dehydrated food used in the Apollo program. The group used snowmobiles which were relatively new at the time to make their expedition.

No word on which character Ferrell will play, but I'm guessing not the young Canadian athlete. I'm more interested to see if they'll actually use Pickwick or any of Duluth to film any scenes. You can read the full story here and let me know what you think of Will Ferrell's newest movie having Duluth ties in the comments below.