The tell tale sign of guilt is having poop all over your clothes, especially when the car that was vandalized has feces on it too.

Things got a little wild in my old college town of Winona Minnesota, on Sunday, now I have to say I had seen a lot of crazy stuff in my 4 years there, but nothing like this. Twenty year old Daniel Kielb of Brooklyn Park was found wandering in an alley around 2am covered in feces, as police were following up on a complaint of a car that was vandalized.

The silver Honda had tread markings on the passenger side door, various scratches and the trunk looked like it had been hit by a belt, but the most bizarre evidence was feces smeared all over the windshield. Kielb wreaked of alcohol when arrested and if charged he did some serious damage to the car which was estimated at over $3,000.

All I know is If he is a student there he most likely will be transferring somewhere else in the near future, that is one tough scenario to live down.

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