What a jerk! Somebody vandalized the Gary New Duluth Recreation Center. They posted photos on Facebook that show the damage to the fields. Apparently somebody went for a joy ride in the fields which caused extensive damage.

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Tire tracks can be seen all over the field in front of the Rec Center. According to the post, the vandalism happened on August 12, 2020. They ask if anyone sees vandalism at the Gary New Duluth Rec Center or anywhere else in the community to report it to the police.

The Gary New Duluth Recreation Center (GND Rec) is currently being revitalized to be a fully functional recreation center for community members and tourists. It's located adjacent to Stowe Elementary school. It's right in the St. Louis River Corridor in Gary New Duluth. According to their website, soccer fields and disc golf was added in 2016, a dog park was added in 2017, and a community garden was completed in 2018. Currently phase 3 is underway for an urban skate park.

If you are interested in helping out with the project, they still need money to achieve their goal. You can donate directly on The GND Rec website and learn more about the projects.

It's sad to see a great project like this suffer when senseless vandalism happens.

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