I have to admit I sure seemed to enjoy winter way more when I was younger, maybe because every chance I got my friends and I would head out to a huge hill near my house and go sledding for hours, yep those were the days.

As much fun as sledding or sliding as some people in the Northland call it, it can be pretty dangerous too. I broke my leg in 4th grade sledding, and our son broke his arm and his leg a few years ago after running into a tree on his sled. But, on a nice winter day, barring you don't have any people or trees in your way, it is a blast zipping down that hill top speed with maybe a jump or two in your path.

Hopefully the weather will warm up soon, so we can all get out and enjoy winter instead of complaining about it.... yeah right, I still will complain but, I love this video because it brings me back to when I was a kid, and almost everyone is laughing at the end. :)