One Wisconsin brewer has started a Super PAC to take on school districts in Wisconsin that will not mandate mask usage.

Minocqua Brewing Company brews what they call #ProgressiveBeer and use 5% of their sales to fund The Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC, which is currently being used "suing every school board in Wisconsin that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines to protect the spread of Covid in schools."

Brewery owner, Kirk Bandstad, says that they hope to roll up every school district in Wisconsin that refuses to mandate mask wearing into a Class Action lawsuit, as he admits that, "There's no way we can individually sue every boneheaded district in Wisconsin, there's unfortunately just too many of them."

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So far, two individual lawsuits have been filed, one against the Waukesha School District, near Milwaukee, and one versus the Fall Creek School District, near Eau Claire. They say that they'd rather not be doing this, "We always thought that our government, the teacher’s union, the ACLU, the hospitals, the nurse’s unions, or any other number of progressive groups or “academies of smart people who understand stuff” should be stepping up."

The brewery keeps with the #ProgressiveBeer theme in their beer naming, with their current lineup being Biden Beer, la - A Vice Presidential Stout, Fair Maps IPA, Bernie Brew, Tammy Shandy, Evers Ale, and Filibuster Ale. They recently sent a photo out on social media promoting their beer available at Keyport Liquor in Superior.

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