Outdoor enthusiasts and those that are looking for a good reason to get out and try ice fishing, rejoice! The Wisconsin DNR announced that this weekend (January 16-17, 2016) will be a "free fishing weekend" for all residents and non-residents.

What does this mean for you? This means that anyone can legally fish on any of the inland waters of Wisconsin legally without purchasing a fishing license on both Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, all normal fish limits and other regulations are still in effect and the Wisconsin DNR reminds anglers that they should only fish in areas where ice is safe enough to do so. If you're looking to fish in a place where there is no ice, shore fishing is also allowed as part of the weekend.

If you want to give ice fishing a try and you don't have any gear, the Wisconsin DNR is offering some loaner equipment from a number of sites around the state.

Temperatures will be chilly for the weekend, but with a shelter, the free weekend can still be rather enjoyable!

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