It's been a busy year for UFO sightings in the Upper Midwest. Similar to the 45 sightings across the border in Minnesota for 2023, Wisconsin has seen nearly 50 reports of their own this year.

Historically speaking, Wisconsin has recorded slightly more sightings of unidentified or unexplained objects over the years of data collected by the National UFO Reporting Center. The Badger State ranks 20th in all-time recorded sightings over the years, while Minnesota ranks 23rd.

When it comes to sightings this year, Wisconsin just barely leads between the two states in overall reports for 2023 too. So far this year, Wisconsin has seen 47 reports from around the state. Sightings range anywhere from something dropping out of the clouds in Waukesha to a pair of "burning orbs" checking out a power plant for a while near Wausau.

The most recent report was in Oshkosh, seen over Lake Winnebago. The observer said they were standing in their driveway, seeing two "flashing anomalies" in the eastern sky - one much brighter than the other. One was "pretty stationary" while the other was flying erratically. The dimmer one eventually "shot off and disappeared" while the brighter one stayed stationary, changing colors before moving around and disappearing.

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Some reports seem kind of insignificant, while others are pretty interesting. You can see summaries of this year's reports from around Wisconsin below.

UFO Sightings Reported in Wisconsin in 2023

A total of 47 sightings have been reported via the National UFO Reporting Center across the state of Wisconsin in 2023, including in Wausau, Oshkosh, Madison, Milwaukee, Somerset, and elsewhere around the state. Here is a rundown of each sighting.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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