If you have ever watched even one episode of the show "Cops" on T.V. you were bound to see at least one person trying to convince police officers that drugs found on them or their property is not theirs. I know that desperate people do desperate things and are not always in the best frame of mind at the time, but it is pretty unbelievable sometimes, what people think they can get away with.

Case and point Fox21 reported a story of a man from Shawno Wisconsin who actually went to the police station to pick up a backpack filled with Meth that he left at the local library. An employee at the Shawno library found the backpack and called police who  found three small bags of Meth and a martial arts weapon known as nunchucks inside the backpack.

The 31 year old suspect showed up at the police station later that day to claim the backpack which court documents say he told police that he had taken the drugs from his girlfriend because he was investigating her drug dealing activity and he had the nunchucks for protection from her. Needless to say the story did not fly with local authorities and he was arrested for drug possession. Maybe next time he will leave well enough alone and take leaving his backpack at the library as a loss. I am just glad a kid did not find it first.

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