A getaway driver for a robbery was actually caught by police because of a swarm of mosquitos. Apparently these obnoxious insects actually came in handy for once.

According to WDJT in MIlwaukee a man walked into a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Campbellsport Wisconsin and proceeded to steal hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol, which was captured on the store surveillance cameras.

The suspect got into a car that then sped off with the driver later identified as John Wilson.  Police pursued the vehicle at a high rate of speed when Wilson stopped the vehicle and proceeded to run off.

Chief Thomas Dornbrook with the Campbellsport Police asked the Sheriffs department if they had any bug spray as soon as they arrived on scene because the mosquitos were so bad. Around an hour later Wilson surrendered because he could not stand the pesky insects any longer.

When police were handcuffing him he asked the officers if they could wipe his forehead which was covered with mosquitos. Wilson is now charged with fleeing officers, retail theft, and obstructing an officer. Police are still looking for the thief.



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